US Sailing Launches Cruising Council and Wants Your Help

US Sailing has founded the Cruising Sailors Council with several goals in growing the recreational sailing community. The Council wants to bring new people into the sport of sailing and into US Sailing while providing a forum to examine entrance points for new comers to recreational sailing and cruising, and to advise on ways to foster, market, and encourage participation in the sport of sailing. They also intend to provide forums for safety related issues for recreational and cruising sailors including on the topics of boating safety issues, state and federal regulations and boating law issues, and the further development/review of best safe sailing practices while acting as a liaison with the USCG regarding safety issues, education and training issues, port security issues and homeland security issues and advisories. And the Council will offer information to cruisers on blue water cruising, visiting foreign ports, living aboard, and boat maintenance. And while all of this sounds great, the Council is still looking for more input from you, the cruiser, on what you would like to see them offer and how you currently use US Sailing or plan to in the future. To give them your input and learn more about the Cruising Council, go to

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