Three Rescued in Rough Seas Off British Coast

Another cruising boat thankful for the rescue resources available to sailors around the world!

At 6:04 a.m. on Monday, the St. Davids RNLI lifeboat and its volunteer crew launched its service to rescue three people off the coast of England, two men aged 41 and 49 and a 16 year old girl.

They had sent out a mayday transmission from their 30-foot yacht Kent Venture, stating that they were approximately five nautical miles west of Ramsey Island, while on passage from Milford Haven and Workington Cumbria. They had suffered a broken mast and engine failure, and were in need of of urgent assistance.  Communications were patchy due to the mast being broken, but the lifeboat located them after approximately forty five minutes from the time of launch.

The lifeboat crew then managed to secure a tow line to the yacht and proceeded to take it under tow to Fishguard Harbor. Whilst proceeding it was decided to take the three people off the yacht to the lifeboat as two of the party were suffering from hypothermia. Meanwhile two lifeboat crewmembers boarded the yacht together with a salvage pump, as the vessel was taking on a bit of water.

Once at Fishguard Harbor, Fishguard inshore lifeboat launched and transferred the three people ashore, where they checked by ambulance paramedics, with no medical treatment required.

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