Ship of Dreams Lost on the Rocks

Before you take ownership of your boat, be certain to get insurance or you could have your dreams shattered like these cruisers.

The owners of an uninsured yacht which smashed on rocks at the base of Mauao in New Zealand are devastated by the “nightmare” of losing their sailing dream.

Kim Bade and Lorna Perry, both 27, only sailed their new Pied Piper yacht from Auckland to Tauranga last week, and had not yet arranged insurance.

Bade said the couple had been planning the yacht purchase for “a couple” of years. But a sailing trip last weekend turned out to be their only jaunt in the boat before it broke from its Pilot Bay mooring and crashed onto rocks, bursting a three foot hole in the wooden hull.

“It’s just devastating,” Bade said. “We’ve spent the last couple of months thinking about it. We were so excited thinking about summer … we’d been for one sail on it and that’s it. We’d been planning to fix it up and have it as a little boat we could take our friends out on and do weekend trips.”

“We bought it a couple of months ago up in Auckland and we finally sailed it down here a week ago. We’d been saving up for a little while. We’d put a lot of work into getting it down here and fixing it up,” he added. The 22-foot yacht, named Nivana, was found around 6:30 a.m. Monday pinned to the base of Mauao. The hull had been pierced and the boat was full of water, leaning about 30 degrees starboard.

“You feel devastated, don’t you? I guess a lot of people with boats on moorings, you kind of have nightmares of coming back and seeing your boat on the rocks. It felt like a bad dream,” he said.

The owners were alerted to the wreck by the Tauranga Harbormaster and arrived to survey the damage at 8:30 a.m., about 300 feet west of North-west Rock, opposite Matakana Island.

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