Atlantic Cup Kicks Off from Charleston on Friday

The second Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing will kick off this Friday with Leg 1 from Charleston, SC to New York City. There are 15 entries from England, France, Germany and the U.S. in this year’s race which features Class 40 yachts competing double-handed both offshore and inshore to determine who is the best team.

This race is set to be the first carbon neutral sailing race in the U.S. with the Green Mountain Energy Company helping organizers reach this status. According to the Atlantic Cup’s web site:

“The 2012 Atlantic Cup carbon footprint will be calculated prior to the race start by Green Mountain. Based on these calculations and a post-race assessment, carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates (RECs) will be retired in order to offset emissions associated with the event, such as staff air travel, ground and water transportation, staff hotel stays, and event electricity usage.”

Once arriving in New York City, the fleet will spend five days at North Cove Marina where spectators are encouraged to stop by for a visit. Then, on Saturday, May 19, the fleet will set off for Newport where they are expected to arrive the following day. The inshore racing will take place the following weekend, May 26-27, in Newport with the final prize ceremony taking place on Sunday, May 27 at the Newport Shipyard where the boats will also be tied up throughout the week.

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