Out With the Old – In With the New! Interlux® Fiberglass Bottomkote® NT

The unique, dual resin blend of Interlux® Fiberglass Bottomkote® NT (New Technology) Antifouling Paint gives you optimal performance -  delivering durable & fast-drying antifouling paint that offers the benefits of both hard and ablative antifouling paints.

Fiberglass Bottomkote® NT has the durability of a hard paint but with a slow polishing mechanism built-in that continuously smoothes and renews the active surface, avoiding the heavy build-up of paint layers like a traditional hard paint. And the fast dry formula allows your boat to be painted and launched in the same day!

Suitable for the underwater surfaces of fiberglass, wood and properly primed metal (except aluminum), Fiberglass Bottomkote® NT can be applied over most other antifouling paints, as long as your old coating is tightly adhered and in sound condition. Available in red, green, blue and black. The product has great coverage and can save you as much as 20% in material, compared to traditional paints.

To learn more about the benefits of Fiberglass Bottomkote® NT Antifouling , watch the video at: www.youtube.com/interluxyachtpaint. Questions? call Interlux Technical Service,  1+800.468.7589.

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