Rutherford Almost Around the Americas; Already Planning Next Adventure

Solo the Americas sailor Matt Rutherford announced on his blog last week that he is less than two weeks away from the finish line and that he is planning to make his first steps back onto soil in Annapolis, MD at the Sail Hall of Fame on April 14th (if all goes as planned).But that certainly doesn’t mean he’ll be resting anytime soon. He’s already got big plans for his next adventure.

“In order for this to happen I need to enter the Chesapeake Bay by the 12th. The trip ends when I cross the finish line at the southern entrance of the Chesapeake Bay bridge tunnel but I’m not going to step foot on land until Annapolis. I might pass though the Chesapeake Bay bridge tunnel at 3am, it’s really hard to say and if the wind is good I’m going to continue to sail up the bay towards Annapolis,” Rutherford writes. “I will be tying off to the Sailing Hall of Fame dock downtown. If I don’t make it to the bay by the 12th then I’ll be in Annapolis roughly 2 days after I enter the bay. If I get there early then I’ll just go slow so I can arrive on the 14th. It’s really not up to me – I’ve got a bunch of light winds and head winds coming up so I don’t know exactly how long it’s going to take before the ocean spits me out into the Chesapeake Bay, but that is the general plan.”

After his return, Rutherford has announced that would like to head back up to the Arctic and shoot a documentary in the summer of 2013. He would film giant icebergs, pack ice, polar bears, narwhals, gale force winds, the massive waves of the Bering Sea and life at sea. The trip would cover roughly 8,000-9,000 miles, would take four to five months, and would potentially explore the upper regions of Baffin Bay possibly and then the northern Northwest Passage. Rutherford would like to sail though the NWP using a route that has never been taken by sail boat or pleasure craft.

There are certainly many details to sort out including, of course, finding funding and the crew that would have to travel with him, but we have a feeling that a guy with this much determination will find a way to make his next dream come true.

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