James Cameron to Explore Depths of the Mariana Trench

We think this would be amazing to do, although we’re not quite sure we’d have the guts to do it ourselves.

Hollywood director James Cameron may be close to making a dive to the deepest place on Earth. In a one-man submarine, he plans to dive seven miles down beneath the waves to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, in the western Pacific. There has only ever been one manned dive there, and that was half a century ago.

“We are there to do science, but we are also there to take the average person who only imagines these things and show them what it is really like,” said Cameron.

Cameron and his team have set sail to reach the trench and are now waiting for calm weather to begin the dive.

The BBC met up with the director in Guam, just before he set out for the high seas. This tiny tropical island is the nearest major landmass to the Mariana Trench. In the balmy heat, the team was making last-minute preparations for this journey to the deepest depth in the seas. The Abyss and Titanic director has had a long-standing obsession with the oceans, but now he has created for himself the ultimate part.

In a prototype submarine, called the Deepsea Challenger, that fits just one person, he plans to make the first manned mission to the bottom of the trench for 50 years.

He says he came up with the idea while he was using submersibles to film a documentary on the wreck of the Bismarck, a German battleship that lies 17,500 ft underwater.

“I started to think about what would it take to go deeper, what would it take to go to full ocean depth – that was kind of the holy grail from an engineering standpoint,” he told BBC News.

For the complete story, go to www.bbc.co.uk.

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