First Annual Coal Pot Regatta

Lyman-Morse is planning The First Annual Coal Pot Regatta with a big party at the end on July 3. The regatta is open to any and all boats heading to New England in general, Thomaston, Maine specifically at the end of the Caribbean sailing season.

To join the Coal Pot Regatta visit Antigua Rigging in Falmouth Harbor, Antigua and request a Coal Pot. Said object will be handed over to you. From there it is up to you to get the pot back to Thomaston for the party on July 3.

There is no real starting time from Antigua, let alone starting date. The only requirement is that you, your boat and coal pot be in Thomaston at Lyman-Morse for the Coal Pot Cook Off, Barbecue and Prize Giving Extravaganza on July 3.

Tip: While in Antigua you might want to:

1. Find out how to cook on one (or is it in one?) of these traditional West African culinary vessels.
2. Pick up a recipe or two because to win, you must cook a dish and be judged the Best Coal Pot Cooker.

Note that the coal pots will be secretly marked to prevent unauthorized substitutions, forgeries, or any other hitherto unknown forms of subterfuge. Skullduggery will be frowned upon unless very cleverly done.

Another Note: Antigua Rigging may need a few days to acquire regatta-ready coal pots, please plan for this with the utmost circumspection. Lyman-Morse suggests visiting Hyacinth at Seaview Farm and see how they are made. (The coal pots are hand-thrown by Hyacinth, just as they were by her mother and grandmother before her in the same way they were made in West Africa centuries ago.) Antigua Rigging can give you directions to Seaview Farm.

Participants will receive two nights of free dockage during Thomaston’s Fourth of July festivities which include a parade and fireworks as well as enjoy many social functions including a lobster bake.

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