Boat Review of the Week: Morris 29

Like her larger sisters in the M-class line of luxury daysailers and coastal cruisers, the Morris 29 combines lovely classic hull lines with a modern keel and spade rudder to give her owners a special boat that will turn heads both by the way she looks and the way she sails.

Designed by Sparkman & Stephens, the M29 is primarily a daysailer that can be handled easily by one person. The main and jib are self-tending. In fact, Morris has eliminated winches from the cockpit altogether. Control lines and sheets are run through blocks and tackles below decks, then through line stoppers, which leaves the decks uncluttered and sail trim as easy as possible.

To make launching and retrieving a spinnaker simple, Cuyler Morris came up with what Morris calls the CKL system (Cuyler’s Kite Launcher). The asymmetrical spinnaker is hoisted from a small hatch at the bow with a halyard led to the cockpit. When you want to dowse the sail, a retrieving line attached to the kite hauls the sail back into the hatch where it self-stows for launching later. And you never have to leave the cockpit.

The M29’s interior offers elegant but simple appointments. Two six-foot, six-inch settee berths offer places to sit out of the sun or rain or stretch out for a nap while swinging on the hook. The head is between the settees and the engine is aft under the cockpit. The M29 distills all that has proven popular in the larger M series boats and gives her owners the absolute essence of a classic, elegant daysailer that embodies the long traditions of fine American craftsmanship for which Morris Yachts is a contemporary leader.

Specifications: LOA 29’2”; LWL 20’10”; Beam 7’4”; Draft 4’6”; Displacement 4,375 lbs.; Sail area 395 sq. ft.

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