Cruise Ireland at the Fingal Family Cruising Festival

We think this sounds like a fabulous way to get in a family vacation that parents and kids alike will thoroughly enjoy.

Cruising enthusiasts throughout Ireland, Britain, Europe and even further afield are all invited by Howth Yacht Club to participate in the inaugural Fingal International Family Cruising Festival from July 7-15 for what is the first event of its kind ever staged.

The Festival – “Family Cruising Week”, for short – has been designed to encourage sailors from far and wide to sail to Howth, berth in the marina for the week (up to 100% discounts will apply depending on distance traveled from Home Port to get to Howth, see entry details) and engage in a varied program of activities, tours, talks and entertainment in the Howth area as well as tourist attractions in Dublin city and surrounding counties.

Unlike other cruising weeks (which entail participants sailing from location to location), the objective of the Family Cruising Week is to attract boat-owners to sail to Howth while non-sailing family members and friends can join them (traveling by road, ferry or air) to stay on their boats or in local accommodations.

The unique event will conclude on Sunday, July 15 when participants will be invited to take part in the second “Boat for Hope Day” organized by Howth YC in conjunction with the Variety Club of Ireland. In 2010, boat-owners in Howth and neighboring clubs took 100 children with special needs, their parents, siblings and care-givers on the water and then entertained them with onshore activities.

The organizing committee, which is headed by noted cruising expert and circumnavigator, Pat Murphy, and his wife Olivia, will be available during the week to give valuable advice to potential long and short distance cruisers.

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