The Icom IC-M92D Offers Clearer VHF Transmission

This new VHF marine transceiver hasn’t hit the market yet, but we think it’s worth checking out. The Icom IC-M92D is the first active noise canceling handheld with built in DSC and GPS. The built-in bidirectional active noise cancelling reduces background noise to up to 90% and improves both your transmitted voice and incoming call. The menu system provides easy and intuitive operation with the bottom line of the full dot-matrix display showing the software key functions which can be toggled with the left and right buttons, and the directional keypad allows you to perform various operations and settings. The built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver shows your current position and can be used for DSC calls (distress, individual, group, all ships, urgency, safety and DSC test calls), and the compass function shows the direction you are going and the navigation function shows the direction and distance to a waypoint. The IC-M92D floats in the water in the face-up position and lets you know where it is with the LCD flashing and audible “beep alarm” feature as an aid for retrieval in the dark. The radio has IPX7 submersible protection up to three feet deep for 30 minutes. For more information, go to

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