100 Years of Yanmar

Diesel engine manufacturer Yanmar is celebrating its 100th anniversary with the construction of a 9,800 square foot museum in Nagahama, Japan, birthplace of the firm’s founder Magokichi Yamaoka.

Due to open in March 2013, the Yanmar museum in Nagahama will provide first-hand experience of Yanmar’s history, principles and values. A global learning center is being built nearby, to educate the next generation of employees, develop product quality initiatives and provide training workshops.

Yamaoka started a company in 1912 to sell gas and gas suction engines, but soon after the focus switched to agriculture. By 1921, when the current brand Yanmar was adopted, a breakthrough horizontal oil engine had been developed, followed by new-technology propulsion for fishing boats.  Further engineering innovations followed, culminating in the production of the world’s first practical small diesel engine in 1933. Founder Yamaoaka was convinced the future lay with efficient diesel power.

Diesel engines and accessories are designed and manufactured for wide-ranging applications in pleasure and commercial marine, industrial use, agricultural machinery, construction equipment and co-generation power systems.

The European regional headquarters and distribution center was established in 1988 at its present site in Almere, The Netherlands.  The business has expanded manufacturing facilities in France and Italy, plus a comprehensive sales and service network covering the entire region.  More recently, a research and development facility was established in Florence, Italy to focus on environmental technologies for the next generation.

Headquartered in Japan, Yanmar has a workforce of over 15,000 and a sales network operating in more than 130 countries. In Europe, Yanmar employs around 700 people and generates annual sales of approximately $1.05 million.

Courtesy of www.ibinews.com.

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