On the Water ChartGuides Offer Everything at Your Fingertips

On The Water ChartGuides (formerly Managing the Waterway) cruising guide authors Mark & Diana Doyle have announced their eighth annual update to the re-branded Complete Electronic Chart + Nautical Reference Library.

“We’re still baking chicken,” says Doyle. “It’s like buying a prepared chicken at the supermarket on the way home so the family can have a hot meal, quickly and inexpensively. Although some boaters could find and download many of these digital assets themselves, we think they’d rather be out on the water.”

The 2-DVD set include added functionality, more than 4,500 charts and 180 publications (American Practical Navigator, Pilot Charts, Coast Pilots, Light Lists, Chart No. 1, Navigation Rules, the CIA World Factbook just to name a few) at hand and easily searchable, the ability to plan your trips from home, and time, money, and space saving features.

Doyle says, “Every year, Diana and I scour the Web and harvest whatever is in the public domain we think would be useful to boaters. There’s always something new to add and, as usual, this year NOAA and the USACE updated most of their charts. And 63 (35%) of the 180 publications also received updates. That’s a lot of change!”
U.S. and International cruisers can easily reference and search government publications, reference texts, and nautical calculators, including: , and many others.

To purchase the On the Water ChartGuide, go to www.managingthewaterway.com.

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