RYA Revokes Hot Liquid Southampton’s Ability to Offer Training Courses

We all shook our heads when we read about a recent rescue in the English Channel which was the third within a year for a Hot Liquid Southampton run program. And now we’re happy to hear that someone is taking away some of their privileges.

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) last week removed its recognition of Hot Liquid Southampton as a provider of RYA training courses.  This means that Hot Liquid Southampton is no longer able to offer or run RYA training courses.

The decision was made by the RYA following three serious safety related incidents involving Hot Liquid Southampton between January 2011 and January 2012.

RYA Training Manager and Chief Examiner Richard Falk said, “The removal of RYA recognition from a training center is never a decision that is taken lightly. However, it is essential that customers are confident that appropriate safety management routines are in place at any center displaying the RYA recognized Training Center logo.”

The RYA advises that any customers booked on an RYA course at Hot Liquid Southampton should contact the school directly to discuss their situation. In the event that a customer has a further query they may contact the RYA at 02380 604100.

Hot Liquid Gibraltar will retain RYA recognition for all disciplines currently on offer due to the fact that the operational safety management routines of that site are controlled separately to that of the Southampton site.

Courtesy of www.rya.org.uk.

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