Autotether Prevents Runaway Boats and Notifies Operators of Overboard Passengers

For ultimate safety when something goes wrong, this product will help you keep everyone and your boat nearby.

Inside the Autotether™ sensor is a transmitter that sends radio waves to a receiver connected to your boat engine’s kill switch. Should you or a passenger wearing the Autotether™ sensor fall overboard, the signal between the sensor and the receiver is broken because radio waves do not travel through water. When it’s an operator overboard this sounds an alarm, prevents a runaway boat, and allows the operator to reboard the boat. If it’s a passenger that goes overboard, the alarm will sound alerting the operator to return and pick up the passenger.

The radio transmitter also works on distance with the sensors able to transmit to the receiver as far as 150 feet. This allows for a passenger sensor to be put into a dinghy being towed so that if it breaks loose the alarm will sound.

For added safety, should the operator or a passenger notice a potential danger, they can push the red alert button located on the sensor to sound an alarm and stop the boat.

Simple installation involves “clipping” the Autotether™ right to your ignition kill switch. The clip is connected via a short, coiled wire to a receiver that is mounted using 3M dual lock strips allowing you to take the unit on and off the boat. No wiring or tools are needed as the system is “self-powered” via supplied AAA batteries that provide over 100 hours of service. An indicator light on the receiver “lights” when it’s time to change the batteries.

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