Warranty for Rocna Anchors Expanded to Restore Confidence

The question over the durability of Rocna anchors has not waned even with major changes occurring at the top, but the owners are proving they’re committed to showing customers that they believe in their product with a new expanded lifetime warranty. The expanded warranty is part of an effort to restore confidence in the Rocna brand.

CMP Global, a division of Canada Metal Pacific, acquired the Rocna manufacturing license in September.

“Many companies warranty against breakage, but we’re so confident in Rocna’s rugged design that we protect against manufacturing defects and bending,” said John Mitchell, president of CMP Global in a statement. “An anchor is vital safety equipment, and we give our customers peace of mind their Rocna will perform as promised.”

Under its previous owner, Rocna’s anchors were criticized in sailing chat rooms and by competitors for bending. In August, West Marine issued a product specification notice for 13 Rocna anchors that used a “different, weaker grade of steel compared to that previously published on the Rocna website at the time.” West Marine offered dissatisfied customers a replacement or refund for the anchors.

Shortly after CMP acquired Rocna in September, Mitchell sent a memorandum concerning brand confidence to customers, distributors and retailers. Mitchell said the company planned to find and replace any “suspect” product, add additional controls to the existing production prcess, “restore confidence” in the classification process, invest in inventory to ensure timely delivery, and establish timely and accurate communications.

Courtesy of www.ibinews.com.

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