New Procedures and AIS Requirements in Singapore

Singapore has changed its Notification of Arrival as of January 1, and it is now necessary to notify the Port Master at least 12 hours prior to arrival in Singapore. Cruiser Paul Rice has forwarded along the new procedures via

The Notification of Arrival report must be addressed to the Port Master and sent via email to or telefax (65) 6224 5776. The following information must be provided in the format as shown:

1. Name of vessel
2. Call Sign
3. MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity Code)
4. IMO Number (Number issued by Lloyds Register)
5. Draft (in metres)
6. Height (in metres i.e. air draft)
7. Name of local agent
8. ETA (local time in form DDMMYYYYHHMM)
9. Direction from which the vessel is approaching Singapore e.g. E (East), W (West) or S (South). Note: Only one direction is to be indicated.
10. Intended Location
11. Name of last port of call
12. Any remarks (e.g. engine failure, medical assistance etc.)

A vessel returning from a location in the Singapore Strait may transmit the notification of arrival report via VHF radio immediately on departure from the location. This report shall be transmitted on VHF Channel 10 for a vessel in the VTIS East sector, VHF Channel 14 for a vessel in the VTIS Central sector or VHF Channel 73 for a vessel in the VTIS West sector of the Singapore Strait.

For any queries, contact Capt Lim Cheng Hai at DID (65) 6325 2453.

Also note that all vessels are required to have an AIS transponder that is approved for use within the port by the MPA or the Port Master. For any queries in regards to AIS, contact Lee Cheng Wee at

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