Navtec Thermo Fused Carbon Rigging

Navtec Thermo Fused Carbon Rigging is the latest innovation in carbon-fiber rigging. Fabricated from an advanced, flexible, high-modulus carbon composite material with a thermoplastic base, Navtec TFC™ allows new options and enhancements that are currently unavailable with other rigid and flexible, thermo-set, carbon-fiber, composite rigging products. A high-strength termination process requires no addition of epoxy or other adhesive materials permitting the use of smaller fittings to minimize weight and optimize shape to reduce windage.

Navtec TFC™ can be used with existing rod rigging deck, mast and spreader interfaces, making conversion from rod rigging easy. Equipment upgrades using titanium fittings can further optimize the existing rigging package. Weighing one-third the weight of equivalent rod rigging, Navtec TFC ™ offers an extended life span and increased durability.

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