Italy Considers Berthing Tax to Help Debt Crisis

We understand the need to fix the debt crisis in Italy, but it seems counter-productive to make it cost prohibitive for people who want to visit and contribute to the existing economy.

As part of its attempt to get to grips with it debt crisis, Italy’s government has proposed the introduction of a new Berthing Tax. Under the scheme — which would begin in May 2012 — all craft over 16ft would be taxed on a daily basis if they decide to moor up inside a harbor — or anchor off outside a harbor.

Those over 78ft would be taxed at a rate of $116 per day ($42,500 per year), while craft in excess of 177ft would have to pay $246,000 per year.

All superyachts in excess of 210ft would need to pay $332,000 per year.

Sailing yachts and all yachts in dry dock would receive a 50 percent discount, and there is some respite for older boats.

Those over five years old would get a 15 percent discount, those over 10 years a 30 percent discount, and veterans of 15 years or older would receive a 45 percent discount.

This proposal is part of Decreto Legge 6 Dicembre 2011 n. 201 — a draft statute currently under discussion before parliament.

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