America’s Cup Finals Race Courses Released

Descriptions of the race courses to be used in the America’s Cup Finals on San Francisco Bay in September 2013 have been released and the challenge is on. All four course options will force tight, close and aggressive racing, making for spectacular competition.

The same course formats will be used in July and August 2013 for the Louis Vuitton Cup, America’s Cup Challenger Series.

DOWNLOAD the course diagrams and descriptions here

“These race course definitions come following the testing we’ve been able to do at the America’s Cup World Series and are the result of a lot of consultation with the teams,” said Regatta Director Iain Murray.

“The courses remain short and tight. The longest is targeted at a one hour race, the shortest at 30-minutes. In the AC72s, both imply full-on action, and will push the crews to their absolute limits, and in some cases I suspect, well beyond that.”

All four configurations feature a reaching start, with a very short sprint to the first turn downwind. At the America’s Cup World Series events, this has proven to be an action-packed opening to the race, putting a premium on crew work and setting up passing opportunities early in the match.

“The Louis Vuitton Cup and the America’s Cup Finals are showcase events for the very best athletes and sailors in our sport,” Murray said. “The racing should be difficult, the courses should be challenging, and the competition should push the best in our business out of their comfort zone for some spectacular sailing.”

In addition to the course descriptions, a proposed race area has been defined in San Francisco Bay that will bring the action close to land, giving spectators on shore a ringside seat.

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