Indonesia to Welcome Cruising Yachts for Long Term Stays

Could it become as popular as Thailand? A meeting between a superyacht organization and an Indonesian Head of Customs confirms the willingness of Indonesia authorities to welcome cruising yachts to their country, which has long been infamous for expense and bureaucratic difficulty to obtain permission to cruise the extraordinary coastline.

In the meeting, which took place on December 8th in Bali between Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS) Indonesia and Nyoman Rini, Head of Customs for Benoa Harbor, Rini gave her full support to the new Indonesia PIB regulations (Temporary Import Documentation), welcoming in a new era for yachts visiting Indonesia.

Under the old laws, a boat could be made to pay a “bond” to customs to ensure no commercial ventures were undertaken while they visited Indonesia. The terms of this – notably the return of said bond on departure – were unclear and many captains and owners were put off by the conditions. But as of the December 3rd, the bond is no longer necessary and the role of customs in dealing with inbound vessels has been minimized.

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