iDrifter Now Available for iPad

While we’ve seen iDrifter on the iPhone for some time, it is now available on the iPad, making it accessible to a much wider audience of cruisers. If you haven’t been able to try it yet due to your phone platform, now is your chance if you’ve got an iPad.

The program iDrifter serves as a continuous monitor of the position (anchorfix) for anchored yachts. The program graphically displays the current drift of the yacht relating to the anchor – selectable either as a radar graph or as a map graph.

For this purpose, the current position in relation to the anchor will be identified once per second and digitized as a dot on the display. As soon as a specific distance – adjustable by the skipper – to the anchor fix is exceeded, an acoustic alarm will sound.

Other features include speed over ground, course over ground, display of the course over ground in compass view, automatic restart after resetting, an adjustable alarm barrier for acoustic alarm, and adjustable GPS accuracy

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