Selden Mast Issues Recall on Forestay Fittings

Selden Masts has issued a recall on the forestay fitting 517-914 (only) produced between 2004 and 2008. Some of the forestay fittings have failed due to a crack in the welding. All the failed fittings have originated from long distance cruising boats with inadequate rig tune and long periods of sailing using only the genoa. The boats affected by this recall include several popular cruising boats listed here:

Arcona 460
Bavaria 46
Brouwer 45 Conv
Comet Pheonix 50
Dehler 47 Rod
Elan Impression 434
Etap 46 DS
Falcon 44
Finngulf 44 19/20
Hallberg Rassy 40
Hunter 426, Hunter 49
Maxi 1300
NIC 45
Najad 400, Najad 405, Najad 440, Najad 460
Omega 46
Pronavia 42 Sport
Reflex 38 Option 2
Saga 409
Salona 45
Southerly 42RS
Sweden Yacht 42, Sweden Yacht 45
Van de Stadt 44 Phaff, Van de Stadt 44 Pol
Van de Stadt 44

If you own a boat that may be affected by this recall, go to for instructions on how to have the issue resolved.

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