Winterize Your Boat the Eco-Friendly Way

Sailors for the Sea provides a detailed listing of how cruisers can haul and prep their boats for winter (or anytime for that matter) while causing the least amount of impact on the surrounding eco-system. The instructions include choosing bottom paints and shrink wrap, bottom cleaning and proper fuel disposal, and more. Some of the recommendations include:

  • Avoid introducing invasive and alien species into new boating areas
  • Use non-toxic antifreeze
  • Dispose of oil correctly
  • Recycle used and fragmented shrink-wrap
  • Support the Clean Marinas initiative by switching to a marina that follows these standards, or changing your marina to follow these standards..
  • Use non-toxic and homemade all natural clean products.
  • Use Ecological marine products: for example Trac Boat soap does not contain any petroleum products, phosphates, chlorinated solvents, dyes, fragrances or toxic butyl cello solve.
  • Select an eco-friendly bottom paint without copper

For their complete list of recommendations, go to

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