Slow & Steady: 72-Year-Old Crosses the Atlantic in No Rush

This is what cruising is all about, right? Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Low to no budget, tiny boat, all alone, 72 years old and enjoying 45 days on his Atlantic crossing. If that isn’t a true inspiration, I don’t know what is. Sven Yrvind has just sailed in to Martinique in his bright yellow self-built little boat.

The Swede Sven Yrvind left Porto Santo October 12th and arrived in Martinique November 26th. He used 45 days on the 2870 nautical miles, at an average speed of 2.65 knots.

In these record-focused times that is something completely different, and most likely a healthier inner and outer journey than blasting along in 30 knots. It’s also a safer way to travel.

“Finally I am now in Martinique. My latest ocean crossing has been a fantastic experience. After a few weeks the civilization lets go and you are back in nature as you were meant to bee. I did not receive any information from the outside world. No radio or anything, Yrvind writes on his blog after he sailed in to Martinique.”

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