New Relaxed Regulations for Cruising in Indonesia

This should save those of you who’d like to cruise in Indonesia quite a bit.

Following five years of lobbying by the private sector, led by Indo Yacht Support, to get the unpopular PIB Customs Bond changed, the Indonesian President signed the new Maritime Tourism law on October 31st.

The PIB Customs Bond has now been eliminated by the Indonesian Customs Department and replaced with a new and more amicable system easing the regulations regarding foreign yacht visits.

The PIB Bond was a well-intentioned law that was often misapplied to visiting private yachts and superyachts. While there are no recorded cases of any vessel signing off on the staggering bond – 48% of the value of the boat – it more often than not became the preamble to separate negotiations, none of which were in the favor of visitors.

The PIB Bond was ionly one of four options available to visiting yachts. However, it was the only one which involved a cash transaction and so became the preferred option of certain customs officials. To those familiar with Indonesia’s stunning cruising grounds, the news of the total removal of the bond and the more relaxed regulations will be very welcome news.

The new regulations, which come into play December 3rd, mean that PIB still has to be made at the first port of call, but without the bond. It is not necessary to be sponsored for the PIB by an Indonesian company. Any foreigner, captain and/or owner can sign their own “Jaminan Tertulis” written guarantee. With a Jaminan Tertulis letter, one then applies for the PIB from the same Customs office.

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