New and Better Regulations for Cruisers in St. Lucia

We always love it when anyone makes cruising easier.

Saint Lucia’s reputation as a serious yachting destination has been further enhanced with the government’s approval of several proposals aimed at facilitating easier clearing in and out of yachts and other pleasure craft traversing Saint Lucia waters.

The wide ranging proposals are outlined as part of a plan that, among other things, grants visiting yachtsmen a six-month hassle-free stay in Saint Lucia.

Other changes as part of the new measures include 100% waiver on import duty and consumption tax on yachts imported into Saint Lucia for pleasure or commercial use; 100% waiver of income tax for the first five years of operations for local charter companies; and 100% waiver on import duty and consumption tax on equipment for boat safety and watercraft activity until 2016.

Visa requirements for residents of Australia and Russia are now a thing of the past, under the recently approved regime program.

“As these new incentives begin to take root they will no doubt help foster the growth of the yachting sector, which in turn will trickle down to other related business areas, thereby expanding economic activity on the island,” noted Director of Tourism Louis Lewis.

Also seen as crucial to the development of the yachting sector is the approval granted by Government as part of the new concessions, for the formation of a Yachting Committee under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. The committee will incorporate all relevant institutions that function to regulate the yachting sector in Saint Lucia.

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