Holmatro FurlFinder Vang

The development of in-boom furling systems such as the Forespar LeisureFurl has been a real boon to cruisers who want the convenience of a roller furling main combined with the performance you get from a fully battened, high roach sail. But in-boom furling requires a sure hand and exactly the right angle to the boom (89.5 degrees) to allow the sail to roll evenly around the mandrel inside the boom-no easy task. Enter Holmatro’s simple and elegant solution. The new hydraulic vang has its own small hydraulic pump and a simple push button control panel that can be mounted in the cockpit near the helm. The vang can be eased or tightened with the push of a button for better sail trim. But, when you want to reef or furl the mainsail, all you have to do is press the “furl” button and the vang automatically sets the boom at exactly the right angle. Voila. No guesswork, no ugly sail jams and no fuss. Now, the in-boom furling sail will do its job exactly the way the designers meant it to. For more information, go to www.holmatro-marine.com.

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