Dekker Arrives Safely in South Africa

Early last month we reported on Laura Dekker’s departure from Australia on a secret route for the next leg of her record attempt as youngest person to solo-circumnavigate the world. Well, on Monday, Dekker reappeared safe and sound in Durban, South Africa. Here are some excerpts from her blog about her arrival:

After 47 days sailing across the Indian Ocean Guppy and I are in Durban, South-Africa. On my last night at sea I met with intensifying ship traffic and came to feel the strong northern Agulhas Current with its higher and steeper waves coupled with a southerly wind blowing at 25 knots that fortunately slowly faded away. It was the middle of the night when I could hear for the first time an African radio broadcast station and also caught a glimpse of some small lights in the distance before we suddenly were swallowed by fog, a very thick fog. Then came the squalls, one after another carrying plenty of drizzle while my radar system kept reporting on the ships around me, ships that I couldn’t see at all. Ten nautical miles from Durban I couldn’t see anything… Five nautical miles and I still couldn’t see…Three nautical miles and… Yes, I can see it! I sighted softly…I was too sea weary to laugh or do a merry dance. Normally I would bounce of joy coming in harbor and this happiness would stay with me for a couple of days. Oh yes, sure I was happy, but I also had mixed feelings knowing that my peaceful time aboard Guppy and harmony with nature were soon to be disrupted.

I Cleared Customs without problems, but the Customs’ official almost fainted when I told him that I had sailed non-stop and single-handed from Darwin. He would not believe me so I show him my website, after which muttering to himself he rubber stamped my boat’s papers.

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