Is Halle Berry Responsible for Deadly Ferry Accident?

There aren’t all that many women in the world who can distract someone enough to crash a massive ferry. Keep your eyes on the water, guys.

A British ferry crashed into a French fishing boat killing its skipper because the crew were discussing how “sexy” Halle Berry looked in the movie Catwoman. The French fishing vessel was sliced in two by the force of the collision in thick fog between St. Helier in Jersey and St Malo, France on March 28th.

A damning report into the crash has revealed that the 56-year-old French captain of the high-speed Condor Vitesse catamaran joked with colleagues about the Hollywood actress as the passenger vessel traveled across the channel at full speed in poor visibility. The investigation also disclosed that the captain and crew failed to spot the boat on two separate radar screens. And French marine accident investigators also discovered that the ferry’s fog horn had been turned off because it was thought that the sound of the vessel’s engines would be enough to warn craft in the surrounding area. A transcript of the conversation on the bridge of the Condor Vitesse showed that crew had no idea that danger was imminent.

Minutes before the fatal impact with the whelk fishing boat Les Marquises, the ferry’s unnamed master said to colleagues: “Yesterday evening I watched Catwoman on the TV. I’m an idiot because after that I slept very badly.”

The first officer replied: “Catwoman?”

The master said: “She was jumping from everywhere like a cat. She is very beautiful. She was wearing sexy outfit.”

The conversation went on to talk about drug testing and how long various substances remained in the body. They only learned there was a problem when a leak alarm on the ferry went off. The 30-foot boat was broken in two in the collision, sending her three crew into the water. Her captain, Philippe Claude Lesaulnier, 42, was killed.

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