VOR In-Port Racing Just Over a Week Away

The teams of the Volvo Ocean Race will be heading out of port for Leg 1 to Cape Town, S. Africa on November 1, but before that they will participate in an in-port race and a pro-am race along the shores of Alicante, Spain.

The in-port racing during this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race is sure to be among the highlights of the entire event. This is the closest that spectators can get to the action without actually being on board one of the race boats.The in-port race is a critical component of the Volvo Ocean Race, an integral part of the spectacle of the race. This is when the public can see man and machine engage in battle in very close quarters. The race course for the in-port race is always close to shore, so even if you can’t get out on a spectator boat, the nearest beach or breakwater may offer just as good a view.

If you can’t make it to Alicante in person, in-port racing will also be broadcast live on www.volvooceanrace.com. Hook the computer up to the big screen and invite the gang over to watch this exciting racing.

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