St. Lucia Becomes More Cruiser Friendly

Changes to St. Lucia’s policies are good news for both boaters and the boat industry.

The St. Lucia Tourist Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation announces that all new revised policies have been approved by its government to help stimulate growth and development in St. Lucia’s yachting sector. Several proposals presented by Yachting Director Cuthbert Didier have been sanctioned and will facilitate clearing in and out of the country, as well as an ease on taxation and many other added benefits to encourage cruising in its waters.

These changes will greatly improve and support yachting for private and charter yachts wishing to cruise St. Lucian waters as well as those wishing to conduct yachting business in the country. Some of the changes include the following:

  • Yachtsmen will now be permitted to stay in St. Lucia waters for six months
  • Yachts with owners temporarily on island will be allowed to remain in the state free of duties and taxes for up to three years, after which they will become payable on current value
  • 100% waiver of import duty and tax on yachts imported into Saint Lucia
  • 100% waiver on income tax from operations for the first five years for local charter companies with a minimum of one captain and three crew members, and has a fleet of three or more power or sailing vessels
  • Approval has been given for the formation of a Yachting Committee, that falls under the purview of the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and will incorporate all relevant institutions that function to regulate the yachting sector in St. Lucia
  • 100% waiver of import duty and consumption tax on boat safety equipment and watercraft activity equipment, which includes sport fishing, SCUBA diving, kite surfing and other water sports, subject to verification of the Bill of Quantities by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation for five years from date of cabinet conclusion
  • 100% waiver of import duty and consumption tax on all equipment and materials imported or purchased locally for use  in the establishment of infrastructure to service yachts over period of five years, subject to verification and approval of the Bill of Quantities by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation
  • The Government of Saint Lucia has waived the visa requirements for Russian and Australian nationals so that Russian and Australian nationals no longer require visas to enter Saint Lucia

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