Copper Coat Takes Top Eco Honors at Asian Marine and Boating Awards

Coppercoat USA is excited to report that Coppercoat Anti-Fouling Paint has been awarded the prestigious “Eco Friendly Marine Business” trophy at the 2011 Asian Marine and Boating Awards.

Jim Edwards, Managing Member of Coppercoat USA and an avid sailor, said that the recognition is important worldwide. Coppercoat is a water-based epoxy, which means it is non-toxic during application and stays on the hull for 10+ years without dropping chemicals and minerals into the water like an ablative paint. Being recognized as an environmentally sensible choice is reinforcement of Jim’s original goal when he brought Coppercoat to the U.S. in 2009. 

“Environmentally minded boaters have applauded Coppercoat for years; this is our first major award, but we don’t expect it to be the last.”  Since Coppercoat is effective for well over 10 years and never requires removal, anti-fouling a boat with extremely low-leaching Coppercoat is far more responsible than re-applying anti-fouling every few years. In addition to protecting your boat, that’s 10 years worth of old paint, rollers, trays and tarps that don’t go to landfills!

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