See the World Aboard the New Outbound Voyager 46

In 1998, we commissioned renowned San Francisco naval architect Carl Schumacher to design a solid passagemaker for cruising couples. Over the past 13 years, Carl’s hull has surpassed all expectations for offshore performance and cruising comfort. Carl passed away in 2002, but we are now proud to offer a new deck designed by the legendary Robert Perry to complement Carl’s great hull. This low profile pilothouse design offers panoramic views when standing or seated in the saloon, which adds to the already light and airy interior of our classic Outbound.

From the beginning, Outbound Yachts has offered beautiful hand crafted interiors, custom designed for each individual owner. The new Outbound Voyager will be no different.
So, if you’ve been looking for a new custom hand crafted offshore passagemaker with a proven offshore hull, stop by our display at the Annapolis Boat Show to learn more about the Outbound Voyager 46 and other custom yacht opportunities.

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