Golden Eagle Missing Between Bermuda and Ireland

Irish rescue services launched a major search for a missing yacht
feared to have encountered difficulty during a transatlantic voyage.

The Golden Eagle, a 32-foot vessel, departed from Bermuda in the middle of
last month and was due to dock in Crookhaven in County Cork last week.

There are two crew members – a 69-year-old Norwegian and a 60-year-old New Zealander. It is known that the Golden Eagle sailed from the US Virgin Islands to Bermuda
and then set out for Crookhaven on August 21, where they were due to arrive last

However, no radio contact has been made with the yacht since it set out for its
Irish destination, alerting coastguard services over their continuing safety.

An initial search off the Cork coast was carried out by the Shannon based
coastguard helicopter.

It is understood that an Aer Corp reconnaissance aircraft with four naval
vessels will take part in the search operation.

The major fear for the yacht’s safety stems from the fact that it would have
been sailing through a part of the Atlantic when the tail end of Hurricane Katia
was still active.

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