Rolex Maxi Yacht Crash

Uh oh! We can only imagine the conversation that was occurring before and after Illusion t-boned Kora 5 in the Maxi Yacht Relex Cup in Porto Cervo, Sardinia last weekend. One guy went overboard from the bow of Illusion–look closely for his feet in the air  in the photo above.

In addition to some pretty severe damage to both boats, three people reportedly went to the hospital, two with broken ribs and one with severe leg burns.

With the hole on Kora 5 being so close to the waterline, some crew members had to leave the boat and the others did their best to fill the hole to keep the water out so they could get back to port.

The team headed back to shore with the hole stuffed with sail bags and a spinnaker. Not exactly a great day on the water.

Many thanks to Ingrid Abery for the photos and recap of the story.

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