Hunter Launches New “Green” Power with e36 Hybrid

Hunter Marine launched its new e36 Hybrid at the Festival De La Plaisance, Cannes. The 36 ft. sailboat is powered by a new Elco EP4000 AC electric motor.

A statement noted that the electric motor has a range of more than 800 nautical miles at 5 knots under battery power. The company said that works out to eight cents per nautical mile.

The companies said that they developed the boat as part of a “shared commitment to green technology” to improve the sailing experience. “The Elco E Power hybrid system is a game changer,” said Warren Luhrs, founder of Hunter Marine, in the statement.

The 36’s E Power System includes lithium 12-volt batteries, wind turbine, solar panels and a DC marine generator. Elco CEO Steve Lamando said that Hunter’s input was “invaluable” to the E Power System. “Also, Hunter’s manufacturing facility in Florida is close to many renewable energy firms serving the marine industry,” said Lamando in the statement.

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