Boat of the Week: Satori


If you and your partner have planned to spend your glory years cruising the Caribbean, or the slow trip around the world, our yacht Satori is a most perfect way to fulfill your dream.

My wife and I built Satori, a 52 Shannon, in 2001 and created the boat to live our dream, which was to sail everywhere together in comfort, safety and style. If you are looking for a cruising yacht that allows you to pack in friends and cruise cramped, stop reading. Satori is NOT for you. Satori is truly a sailing couple’s yacht.

Comfort, luxury, space, and pride laid out in the most intelligent way possible. From the lovely interior to the utterly simple and safe deck layout, to the spacious and accessible “systems and  engine space,” Satori is a yacht for you and your mate.

Sure, you can have your children, friends and even grandchildren join you for a weekend or a week and with thoughtful use of the space all will have a wonderful time, but that is NOT what we built Satori for.

Satori has taken us safely to the cruising harbors of our dreams. We have gotten 10 fantastic years from her and now have other lifestyle commitments. We have maintained her to the highest standards and updated and enhanced her continuously, but it is time to move on.

I am practical enough to know that even though we can document the million dollar investment in Satori, the world changed in the fall of 2008 and selling anything of value today requires compromise and understanding reality.

That is why we are offering Satori for $599,000, which is the most accurately priced Shannon 52 on the market today. Yes, we will negotiate a little, but not much as we know we have the perfect yacht for an experienced sailing couple that will use her as her design intended – SAILING!  A “marina queen”, Satori is NOT.

If your thinking of spending $400,000 to $600,000 on a voluminous modern glass production sailboat, I urge you to take a careful look at Satori.  She is a quality cruising yacht built to the highest standard of workmanship and strength that you can sail safely across any ocean.  She is ready now, properly priced, and designed from day one to make you and your mate happy.

Please call me or our broker Dave Walters who, as one of the founders of Shannon, is very knowledgeable in the design and construction benefits offered by the Shannon 52, Satori.

Contact Information:

Tom Patterson (Owner)


Dave Walters (Broker)


Length Over All                      52’   7”
Length on Deck                      47’   6”
Length on Water Line           42’   7”
Beam                                        14’   3”
Draft Board  Up                      5’   7”
Draft Board Down                 9’  7” -
Ballast                                     13,500 lbs.
Displacement                         35,500 lbs.
Rig                                           Cutter Rig with Ketch Rig Available

Fresh Water Tanks

The water capacity is 232 gallons in two 316L stainless steel water tanks. The water tank capacities and their starboard side deck fills are as follows:

Keel Tank                                140  Gallons
Starboard Tank                       92  Gallons
Fuel (2×64)                              128 Gallons
Bridge clearance                     63’
Engine Brand:                        Westerbeke
Engine Model:                        W82B-4 (82hp)
Engine Hours:                        1015 as of 8/1/11

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