New 75-Ton Sea-Lift Hits St. Maarten

Good news for Caribbean sailors who have had trouble finding a spot to haul out in the past. The St. Maarten marine service industry took a large step forward in July with the arrival of a new 75 ton KMI Sea-Lift. The lift, said to be the only of its kind in the Caribbean, was brought to the island by St. Maarten Shipyard NV, and is in operation at their yard alongside the Simpson Bay Lagoon.

The 75 ton lift can haul boats of up to 80 feet in length. Yachts that are too narrow to sit on the hoist can be hauled in slings hung below the two arms. Catamarans and trimarans will like the Sea-Lift because the lifting arms, which are fitted with dual air bunks, fit beneath the yachts support structures, reducing the stress that can be imposed on multihulls when they are hauled using traditional slings.

“We are hoping that the new Sea-Lift will see the return of some of the big charter catamarans to St. Maarten to be worked on here,” said Jeff Boyd, managing director of St. Maarten Shipyard.

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