Where in the World is Laura Dekker?

After much hulabaloo about whether she should be able to venture around the world on her own, Laura Dekker has been circumnavigating with little fanfare.

It’s coming up on a year since Dutch solo sailor Laura Dekker, now 15, left Gibraltar on her planned circumnavigation on August 21st. She is now more than halfway round the world, heading for the labyrinth of coral reefs that surround the northern coastline of Australia. She left Vanuatu on August 8th, heading for the northern Australian city of Darwin.

Like Australia’s Jessica Watson and Abby Sunderland from the USA, Dekker’s trip attracted controversy and criticism, yet only Dekker was dragged through her nation’s court system to prevent her from attempting her dream.

Of all the recent young sailors, Dekker seems the most independent. “It’s easier to be so far from home than I thought. So far it’s even better than I expected. It pretty much has become a lifestyle which I totally like,” she told her manager, Lyall Mercer.

Dekker left the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu a few days ago and is headed for Australia, where her father Dick is expected to meet her. She will arrive in Darwin at the end of this month or early September, after passing through the dangerous coral reef waters that caused Captain Cook to call it a “labyrinth.”

For the complete story, go to www.sail-world.com.

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