Rambler 100 Capsizes in Fastnet

In a shocking turn of events, Rambler 100 capsized during the Fastnet Race on Monday afternoon after it lost its keel bulb 12.5 miles offshore from Baltimore, County Cork. While reports have still been trickling in as to the details, what we do know is that the boat overturned in less than a minute, and five crew members, including owner George David, were swept away from the boat. The RNLI Baltimore was called to the scene when their EPIRB went off and was able to rescue the 16 members of the crew that were sitting on the hull of the boat.

The remaining five crew were eventually rescued after nearly three hours in the water by Team Phaedo’s Media Team, which had made its way out to “The Rock” for a photo opportunity of its team boat. They report:

“Whilst Team Phaedo Media Team were preparing for Phaedo’s arrival at the Fastnet rock, there was a call from the Irish Coastguard, for all ships in the area to be on standby.

Being the only boat that had braved the weather and high seas for the ultimate photograph of ones yacht at “The Rock”, we immediately abandoned project and called in to help.

All crew on the upturned hull of Rambler were fine and well, but five crew had drifted off from the upturned hull and were no longer in sight. We searched the area were they had received a personal EBIRB transmission from and miraculously found the missing 5 crew after they had been in the water for 3 hours. We pulled aboard our dive vessel owner George David and his 4 crew members who had all been strapped together, cold, but healthy, happy, safe, and well.”

As of Tuesday afternoon it had not yet been decided as to whether the boat would be sunk or towed in.

To see an interview with George David after the capsize, click here.

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