Ouch! 870-Foot Tanker Dismasts Sailboat During Cowes Week

We’re sure the tanker had the right of way, but not sure why the sailboat didn’t give way to it. They certainly were lucky that everyone seems to be okay. And while this picture is amazing, the video of the crash is unbelievable.

The first day of racing in Cowes Week was disrupted on Saturday when the 124,000-ton Hanne Knutsen encountered a fleet of yachts.

One of the racing vessels, Atalanta, was in collision with the 870ft-long Norwegian-owned tanker as it proceeded to the oil refinery at Fawley, near Southampton.

The yacht, which normally has nine crew members on board, became entangled in the larger vessel’s anchor and had its sails torn off and mast snapped.

The force of the collision sent two of its crew overboard. They were picked up by a rescue boat and a coastguard patrol boat from Southampton.

One crew member was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital on the Isle of Wight and treated for a head injury. Organizers said the regatta would continue as normal.

Saturday marked the start of the annual week-long event with 900 yachts taking to the water for the opening ceremony.

The largest sailing regatta of its type in the world, Cowes Week has been running for 185 years. Approximately 1,000 boats and 8,500 competitors are due to take part.

Courtesy of www.telegraph.co.uk.

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