Cartwheeling Catamarans in the Extreme Sailing Series

We can’t imagine that a lot of these guys ever thought they’d be clinging to nets several stories in the air when they signed up for sailing. The physical strength they need to have is certainly evident here. Who knew that Spiderman was actually a yachtie?

It was another action-packed, full pressure day at the Extreme Sailing Series. After Sunday’s collision between Artemis Racing and Groupe Edmond de Rothschild in the fourth race, the breezy conditions continued Monday, and it was in the sixth race when the Extreme 40 ‘Aberdeen Asset Management’ cart-wheeled spectacularly in gusty 20-25 knot conditions that were pushing the fleet to their limits.

The British Extreme 40 team helmed by John Pink was charging downwind with reefed mainsail and gennaker, sandwiched between Italian team Niceforyou and Austria’s Red Bull Extreme Sailing.  The bows dug in as a big gust hit all three boats, and with no room to maneuver, the boat cartwheeled and flipped almost vertical before capsizing.

“We felt we were in control mainly and kept going a bit quicker today than we had on the other days,” said John Pink. “Coming down that run it just all got very close and the breeze kind of seemed to fill in behind so everyone bunched up a little bit and then we had no where to go!”

The four crew (Pink, Rick Peacock, Gregory Homann and John Gimson) hung on to the trampoline and all were safe and unhurt.

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