Raymarine Launches Afforable e7 Line

If you’re a techie, you’re going to love this.

Raymarine has launched its e7 line of affordable, easy-to-use multifunction displays that are loaded with cutting-edge features. The new e7 is the first 7” MFD to provide networking with up to six displays, as well as remote system control and music over Bluetooth. The e7’s Wi-Fi connectivity allows boaters to stream live video from the e7 to their iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. This allows anyone on board to see whatever is on the e7’s display – thermal video, navigation charts, radar, sonar, anything that the e7 can display – on their mobile iOS device anywhere on board.

Its Bluetooth connectivity lets you control and reconfigure the e7 with the optional RCU-3 wheel-mounted or handheld remote control unit. You can also use the RCU-3 remote to control the audio playback from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod remotely so that your device is stowed safely out of the elements. The e7 can also be used with Raymarine’s HybridTouch technology allowing boaters to choose touchscreen or keypad control, and the new LightHouse user interface, which makes customizing your MFD layout and display as easy as dragging and dropping on-screen elements where you want them.

With a low-profile bezel and bright LED backlit display and a unique Sport Optic friendly coating, the e7 gives you visibility from virtually every angle even when wearing polarized sunglasses. Those of you who are serious fisherman while cruising can also choose the e7D with built-in HD Digital sonar. A 48 channel, high sensitivity internal GPS is also standard on both the e7 and e7D and both models are also available with Navionics ready-to-navigate coastal or inland charts supplied on a microSD cards.

For more information, go to www.raymarine.com.

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