IYRS Raises Nearly $700,000 for School Programs

We are truly impressed with the amazing fundraising that IYRS has done, and the programs it is creating.

When guests arrived at the 14th Annual IYRS Summer Gala sponsored by The Hilton Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and The Prestige Family of Fine Cars, the scene was pure glamor: gala-goers were ushered into a setting of elegant black and white on a long red carpet. But the outcome of the evening was more profound than the shine and shimmer of a magical night in Newport: guests helped to raise nearly $700,000 for IYRS educational programs, ensuring continued opportunity for students who want to use the training programs at this Rhode Island school as a gateway to skill-building, jobs and careers.

“Students of all ages and backgrounds come to IYRS from all walks of life, but they all leave on a common path: using their high level of craftsmanship and technical skills to build successful careers,” said IYRS President Terry Nathan. “We are fortunate that our many supporters understand the important role that our school plays—both for our students in search of skills and opportunity, and for the region’s marine industry that relies on the talented workforce trained here at IYRS.”

The gala comes on the heels of a successful chapter at IYRS. Now with three full-time programs, IYRS graduated its largest class in the school’s history this June, including the first graduates from the new Composites Technology Program. Students matriculated into a tough job market, yet 85 percent of this year’s graduating class have already secured jobs.

For the complete story, go to www.iyrs.org.

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