Couples Cruising Seminars

Two Can Sail is offering their Couples Cruising Seminar in Houston, TX on August 20th and Tampa, FL on August 27. The goal and objective of this seminar is to give you the tools and perspectives you need as a couple to safely pursue the cruising lifestyle. They have assembled an outstanding group of marine professionals who have varied experience and background to present you with a balanced educational experience. The presenters include couples who are also Captains, ASA Instructors, authors, marine surveyors, and a meteorologist . This is not designed to be a whole day of power point presentations, but to balance the hard data with some fun and lots of good information mixed in with some sea stories and fantastic photos. Each couple will receive a seminar companion guide that was compiled by the instructors. If you want to cruise with your partner, you’ll want to take this course to ensure smooth sailing. For more information or to register, go to

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