Caught With His Pants…

Ummm, this is certainly a position we’d never want to find ourselves in.

A rescue boat crew from Coast Guard Station Milwaukee, WI rescued a man who fell off his sailboat about 50 feet from shore last Wednesday evening. Station Milwaukee received notification from the South Shore Yacht Club at about 6pm that a man had fallen off of his boat after mooring it, while trying to step into an attached dinghy. The man was not wearing a life jacket. The crew arrived on the scene to find the man hanging from a cleat by his jeans, unable to cut himself free. The boat crew provided the man a life jacket before cutting his jeans and assisting him into the response boat. “His left pant leg was caught around the cleat, so one of the boat crewmen and I grabbed him and held him above the water,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Trey Helms, coxswain of the 25-foot RBS. “Another crewman went aboard the dinghy and was able to free him by cutting his jeans, and we pulled him up into our boat.” The man was transported in good condition to waiting EMS at the South Shore Marina.

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