METS First Hybrid Marine Conference

This conference may be geared towards industry folk, but it sure is good to know that there is a concerted effort being made somewhere on this topic, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with.

The EU’s Hybrid Marine (HYMAR) project is part of its long term strategy for the development of sustainable surface transport. HYMAR is collecting information and developing practical solutions to the many problems associated with producing an efficient and effective hybrid marine propulsion system.

In addition to discrete components, HYMAR is building the central “brain,” the controller which oversees the operation of the whole boat, managing energy flows and ensuring that the user’s objectives are met in the most efficient manner.

By the end of the summer of 2011, the project will have completed a comprehensive series of on-the-water tests, collecting a unique set of objective data about the true performance of conventional and hybrid propulsion systems.

As participants in a publicly funded project, the HYMAR team want to share as much of their experience as possible, and they will do so at ICOMIA’s first hybrid marine propulsion conference in Amsterdam on November 14. Presentations will be short and focused, illustrated with practical examples. The material presented will be available to take away at the end of the conference, forming a practical reference work for those involved in hybrid systems design.

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