Go Truly Wireless Wi-Fi with WirieAP

The WirieAP is a wireless system designed for the marine environment. It is waterproof, easy to install and use, and gives you the chance to get on the Internet from the comfort of your own boat. The WirieAP features a 1000mW external Wi-Fi adapter and an 8dBi omni-directional marine Wi-Fi antenna that ensures the longest range and the best coverage for your boat.

The WirieAP creates a local wireless network that can be used to connect all your on-board Wi-Fi devices together and share information among them. It can be used with new multifunction displays that support Wi-Fi, can transmit NMEA data to any Wi-Fi enabled device, allows you to share music libraries, and more all without an internet connection.

The WirieAP is a simple system that includes a local “hotspot” built in to allow multiple devices quick and easy access to the internet simultaneously, and wirelessly. No coax cable, no ethernet cable, no USB cable, and no software are needed for the WirieAP. All you need is a single power cable (included) connected to a 12V power source.

The WirieAP come in three colors and are priced around $250.

The full features of the WirieAP include:

• 1000mW Wi-Fi Adapter (long-range)
• 500mW Local Access Point
• Provides onboard Wi-Fi router for local network
• Single 12V Cable (No Max length)
• 100% Marine Grade
• Fully waterproof (IP67)
• Flexible Mounting Options
• Unlimited installation height
• No software installation
• Operate from any Wi-Fi device
• 8dBi Marine WiFi Antenna
• Choice of color
• 1 Year Warranty

For more information, go to www.thewirie.com.

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