Waterproof and Impactproof iPad Cases

If you’re like us, you like to bring your technology on board, but you hate constantly worrying that it’s going to get wet. Well, now you can rest assured that your iPad will stay dry even if it slips overboard (you will have to retrieve it pretty quickly though). DN Distribution has developed a waterproof iPad case that protects your device even if it is submerged in as much as 3 ft. of water. And the iPad remains completely readable and usable while within the case. If you are worried about the device getting bumped and banged by the moving parts and people on the boat, they also make a waterproof and impact-proof case. The latter runs at $399.99 so we’re not so sure about the risk/reward on that one, but we’ll leave that up to you. However, the waterproof case ($79.99) appears to be a necessity for all sailors who bring their iPads aboard. For more information, go to www.ipad-waterproof-case.com.

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